Imagine walking down a wharf, stepping onto a Tall Ship! And becoming a Pirate!! 
Join the party…join the crew! 
Sail with Pirate Ship Formidable as the “Golden Age of Piracy” comes alive. A treasure to be hold!

Let us “Edu-tain” you!
Your captivating interactive experience is enhanced by the pirate crew’s entertaining and informative manner. Engaging guests, young and old alike, telling sea stories, playing sea shanties and firing the cannon.
”A Pirates Life for Me”
The professional crew is made up of enthusiasts of pirates, patriots, privateers and other sea rovers looking every bit the part of “Living History” and  ”A Pirates Life for Me” giving a glimpse of what colonial life at sea was like. Because of their knowledge and passion they provide a fun, safe interactive environment that will be enjoyed and remembered forever. 
Thank you for sharing time with us.
Fair winds and following seas,				
Captain Russ Tryder

Cruise Boston Harbor in Style with the Pirate Ship Formidable (5 stars)

07/18/18 by Johnny Monsarrat

Rowes Wharf, Boston, MA

Boston has several harbor cruises but there’s only one HARRRRR-bARRRRr cruise, joining pirates for an adventure aboard the Pirate Ship Formidable! The crew is three people, including Capt. Russ and Capt. Pete. Together you sail on

a replica pirate ship out to visit Logan Airport, the USS Constitution and WWII-era destroyer ship, the Institute for Contemporary Art, World Trade Center, Federal Courthouse, and more.

The crew dresses as pirates, but they don’t turn the cruise into a theatre show or play an outright character. However, they call out to other cruise ships and fire their cannon at them, and sing sea shanties on the weekends. You can wear a pirate hat or cutlass, and sometimes they fire their replica old timey rifles.

So the strength of the tour, if not theatrics, is the storytelling. Capt. Russ is a natural storyteller with an infectious enthusiasm. He’ll tell you about the Whydah, a pirate ship that crashed in Cape Cod, and John King the boy pirate. You’ll learn about Blackbeard, the history of Boston including the Boston Tea Party, the buildings that you pass, and more. Did you know that someone once climbed and then base jumped from the Old North Church? Below decks, you’ll find pirate props to take photos with and some historic artifacts from the USS Constitution.

Sometimes they sail just with the sails, but it’s mostly motoring. That makes a nice breeze, which is refreshing on a hot day, but bring a jacket unless it is stiflingly hot. The tour has great views, and you stay close enough to shore that you can sense yourself moving. (Many cruises take you so far from shore that you appear to move glacially slowly.) Instead of talking constantly, and it’s difficult to both listen and look around, Capt. Russ gives you breaks to just relax and enjoy the view in silence.

It’s fantastic cruise for both kids and adults. And you can bring your own food and alcohol, which is unusual for a harbor cruise. A great time! 5 stars.

Here’s some video to show you how fun it is.


“Big news for Pirate Ship Formidable”

Formidable will be sailing south over the horizon to Columbia, South America! She will be doing similar day trips in Cartagena with her new proud owners Joshua and Yohanna.

As bittersweet as this is, it’s true! Therefore Bonnie and I, on behalf of Pirate Ship Charters and Pirate Ship Formidable, would like to thank all our guest from the bottom of our hearts that have sailed with us over the years. We had always strived to offer a quality experience and have Formidable be part of your life long memories. Hopefully we accomplished that for at least a few.

It’s truly been a tremendous honor to be part of a ship, that was such a large part of us, and a privilege to share that experience with so many people. For us we’ll cherish the memories and friendships forged throughout the years.

“Well done” is what you always wanted to hear at the end of the day. So I say this to all my crew from our privateering days to pirating in and around Rockport and Boston harbors. A ship takes many hands to sail and we always made it work! Well done Mates!

In addition to crew there was support from family and several persons behind the scenes that helped make it all happen. Special thanks to Bonnie, Bill and Julia. I’m proud of what we accomplished!

Also fun, was to see Pirate Ship Formidable in the movie “The Departed”, TV show NCIS-LA, NewTV documentary on Sam Bellamy and the Whydah, two music videos and had the pleasure to play host to NBC’s “Today Show” live with Al Roker. Not a bad run!

“With that said” I’d like to wish Joshua and his wife Yohanna the very best on their new adventure sailing Formidable. “If you take care of her she will take care of you”

“Sail on Formidable Sail on”

Fair winds and following seas,

Capt. Russ (The Pirate)

Some of the 2018 highlights

Welcome Aboard
Pirate Ship